About Us

The Vanderslice family, is a dad and daughter shop. We are a local small business located in ABQ, NM and we are committed to supplying you with the best quality without compromising as well as not overcharging. This is from a painter to a painter we want to thank you for your support as we are beginning this new chapter as a paint supply company. We are proud to be a jobber for X prime which also also is a huge up-and-coming name in the automotive paint industry. Taking great pride in their product without any shortcuts, we are learning and growing as we go and we thank you for your commitment through the process. I’ve been in the paint industry, my whole life as a custom painter with over 37 cars featured in Lowrider, magazine, mini truck, magazine and many other magazines with two Lowrider world champions. And many many paint awards from the Lowrider super shows. over the years for best flake best paint best patterns, most of those years struggling with methamphetamine addiction. I am going on 13 years clean and we have changed gears to teaching people the art of custom paint all over the United States with the Lowrider pattern class tour for the last five years as well as Thursday night live on YouTube sharing the beautiful art of custom painting. We thank you for your loyalty sticking with us through the ups and downs. We truly take pride and making this an amazing business. Always considering each customer is family and friends. The Vanderslice family wants to thank you from the bottom of our heart, God bless each and everyone of you and thank you for your support means the world to us.


(Dacia Vanderslice and Rob Vanderslice at Santa Fe for Lowrider Day)


(Rob Vanderslice, Dacia Vanderslice, and Uncle Rudy)

(Michael Vanderslice Helping Mask. Rob's Dad) 

(Cisco Vanderslice)