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Chrome Silver Flake

Chrome Silver Flake

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Flake is sold in a variety of sizes.

The .004 flake is the smallest flake compared to micro sequence. It is going to be 
your dancing flake. When your driving through an intersection at night and you have car lights on you, this flake will be dancing. The cost of this flake is higher in comparison to other sizes.

The .008 flake is your mid-sized flake. It's not not to big and not to small. This will give you some dancing as well as some bling.Using his flak will help in saving money as far as clear being used to cover the flake.

The .015 flake flake will give you the super bling bling chrome silver look.
In comparison to your micro sequence this is your entry into the big flakes. In my opinion this is a very good flake when you are looking for that bling bling effect without getting into the bigger sizes which will require much more clear.

The .025 flake will be the biggest flake that I will be selling unless someone wants to order a large amount of any bigger. This flake is your ultimate in bling bling. This requires the most clear to cover.

The VANDERSLICE flake is my signature flake. It is 50% of .015, 30% of .008, and 20% of .004. This will give you the optimum bling and dancing effect. In my opinion you get the best of both worlds.

All flakes are Made in the USA.

High Quality.

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa S
Great Quality Flake

I purchased the .004 and .008 silver flakes and they are absolutely blinging and dancing. Definitely recommend if you want a quality flake that’s amazing. Rob helped me narrow down a selection of flake that would work best for what I needed. Packaging was good and shipping was quick.


Absolutely an incredible product and arrived super fast which is huge in this business Absolutely a top notch store from one of the best painters in the world. Thanks Rob and the crew for the speedy delivery time.